How Can I Help
Business owners, facility managers, and all who dictate the fate of valuable salvageable scrap materials generated by your various industries, we ask if you would pledge all or a portion to this worthy project. Remember, there is never too much or too  little that you can give. From cardboard boxes to plastic drums to large containers, we can offer on call or scheduled pick up at your location through one of our participating salvage centers. If you are a small business or you choose to help but don’t want to change your current salvage practice, you can simply allocate a portion of the scrap value at a participating salvage center.

For inquires or to pledge materials, contact us at or call 412-443-5581

Individuals can help by referring businesses to the project and by supporting our "Ammo Coin Box Campaign" at various businesses in the area.
Veterans can help by referring businesses to the project.  Disabled Veterans interested in employment with future expansion plans write and tell us a little about yourself.