Recycle Reuse and Reward our Veterans
with your Salvageable Materials

We ask your support with this new corporate recycling program know as:  Project Salvage USA benefiting Paralyzed Veterans of America Keystone Chapter. Their local and national outreach programs benefit not only paralyzed veterans but any veteran needing specialized health care.

By targeting salvageable materials it opens the door for any industry to participate, individuals can help by giving a portion of their salvage money at one of our participating salvage centers.

Your participation simply includes your pledge of all or a portion of your salvageable scrap materials to the project. All ongoing project participants if you choose your company will be listed on our website as a project supporter with a link to your website.

Check our ”How Can I Help” page to see how you can get involved.

We hope you will join us in this common sense approach to help Veterans help Veterans.  They did their part!